Walkers Fine Oatcakes Cookies
  • Walkers Fine Oatcakes Cookies

Walkers Fine Oatcakes Cookies

  • In Stock
  • Premium Oatcake

  • Baked in the heart of Speyside

  • Free from artificial colourings, artificial flavourings and artificial preservatives

  • Suitable for vegetarians certified Kosher OUD
Rs. 564


Walkers Fine Oatcakes Cookies, 280g
Walkers Fine Oatcakes Cookies is a delicious cookie made from oatscakes crispy and has right amount of sweetness, wheat free, they are also a good source of wholesome fiber and suitable for vegetarians.Walkers Fine Oatcakes Cookies is a good source of energy and a much healthier cookie for as fiber regulates digestion , excellent choice to have anytime in times of a quick snack in time you are low. Walkers Fine Oatcakes Cookies is GMO-Free, No Added Sugar, Suitable for Vegetarians.