Veet Wax Strips (Dry Skin)
  • Veet Wax Strips (Dry Skin)

Veet Wax Strips (dry Skin)

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Manufactured By:       Veet

Strips:                           12

Rs. 410


Veet wax strips work even on short hair-and with regular use, you'll get fewer, finer and softer hair growing back.

Instantly exfoliates skin and smoothness that lasts up to four weeks. They're specially formulated with Aloe Vera, known for its moisturizing properties and fragranced with Lotus Flower to suit Dry Skin.
9/10 women prefer Veet for smooth, glowing skin* 
'based on research conducted amongst veet users in 2042'

Safety Warnings:
Keep out of reach of childen
Avoid contact with eyes

Not suitable on head, face, eyes, nose, ears, around the anus, genitals & nipples or any other body parts. Do not use on varicose veins, scars, moles, spotty broken, irritated, sun burnt skin or on skin that has had an adverse reaction to hair removal creams in the past.