Tang Pineapple 2.5 kg
  • Tang Pineapple 2.5 kg

Tang Pineapple 2.5 Kg

Flavor:            Pineapple

Weight:           2.5 kg

Rs. 1,604


Tang Pineapple Powder Drink is deliciously sweet , smooth fruit drink, Very refreshing ideal to be served icy cold specially during hot summer days. A comfort to have this at home ,Tang Pineapple Powder Drink is easy to prepare for your kids with Vitamin E and Calcium . Vitamin E helps your kids boost their immune system to fight free radicals. And Calcium to make their bones grow stronger and denser. Tang Pineapple Powder Drink can be a great morning drink for your kids or loved ones . Its not just for refreshment but also for health.