Sinbo Toaster (ST-2421)
  • Sinbo Toaster (ST-2421)

Sinbo Toaster (st-2421)

  • Model: ST-2411
  • Color: White

Rs. 3,738


Toaster Sinbo ST 2421 has a high capacity of 850 W, which allows the device in a matter of minutes to cook a delicious hot sandwich with a crispy crust. This will give an opportunity to solve the problem of a hearty breakfast for the whole family or a large group of friends. Making it organically fit into any kitchen interior. The device is made of reliable and durable material and will last you for several years, in addition, he will also present your assistant and will save valuable time in the morning. On toaster Sinbo ST 2421 has a guarantee period of 12 months, which means decent quality. The unit is an excellent value for money and good performance.