Sabirs’ Group (the parent company of Sabroso) carries a history that covers decades of experience, expertise, patriotism and commitment to providing better nutrition to the nation. Sabroso nurtures, manages and produces the best quality chicken by controlling all stages of poultry production under one umbrella and ensure quality through testing at every step of the way. Using cutting edge research, development and production techniques, Sabroso brings you the naturally flavourful premium chicken products free of harmful ingredients and preservatives. Thus, Sabroso has the largest integrated poultry operation in the country and their own cold supply chain operation to ensure that all products arrive fresh and healthy to you. Sabroso home delivery has partnered with Careeb to provide fast and smooth delivery at your doorstep. 

Sabroso Aqua Buddies - 780g

Rs. 549 Rs. 610

Sabroso Burger Patty - 370g

Rs. 253 Rs. 280

Sabroso Chapli Kabab - 296g

Rs. 269 Rs. 280

Sabroso Chapli Kabab - 740g

Rs. 555 Rs. 590

Sabroso Chunky Bites - 700g

Rs. 665 Rs. 700

Sabroso Gola Kabab - 200g

Rs. 265 Rs. 280

Sabroso Gola Kabab - 515g

Rs. 620 Rs. 650

Sabroso Leg Tikka  - 380g

Rs. 375 Rs. 395

Sabroso Leg Tikka  - 760g

Rs. 690 Rs. 730

Sabroso Nuggets - 270g

Rs. 252 Rs. 280

Sabroso Nuggets - 820g

Rs. 554 Rs. 615

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