Qarshi Jam e Shirin 1.5 Ltr
  • Qarshi Jam e Shirin 1.5 Ltr

Qarshi Jam E Shirin 1.5 Ltr

  • Distillates of natural herbs, no water added
  • Light and refreshing drink
  • Highest market share in the category-Pakistan (Retail Audit by A.C. Nielsen)
  • 265 quality tests and checks
Rs. 405


Jam e Shirin is the flagship brand of Qarshi Industries. It is relished as one of the hallmarks of our rich heritage. It is the highest selling red syrup in Pakistan. Jam e Shirin’s delectable taste has enchanted millions of hearts for over three decades.

Jam e Shirin is a refreshing beverage made from distillates of natural herbs, like Rose, Sandal, Ushna and Khas without any further add of water.

Jam e Shirin, having natural thirst-quenching properties, hydrates the body imparting a sense of satisfaction and tranquility in summer. A serving of chilled Jam e Shirin readily restores vitality and freshness while cooling the body and mind. In cold weather it can be enjoyed in warm milk.

Jam e Shirin is produced on a state-of-the-art plant using gold standard manufacturing techniques. To ensure the quality of Pakistan’s number one drink, as many as 265 tests and checks are conducted before a bottle of Jam e Shirin is conveyed out of the plant.