Nectaflor Blossom Honey 250g
  • Nectaflor Blossom Honey 250g

Nectaflor Blossom Honey 250g

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Aromatic Flavour

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Nectaflor Blossom Honey is a light-brown organic multifloral honey with an aromatic flavour, primarily derived from environmentally-friendly cultivation and non-farmed regions in broad swathes of Mexico, Brazil and Cuba. Nectaflor Blossom Honey is produced in Switzerland using resource-saving methods. What you need to know: determining factors for organic status include not only the extensive territory within the bees' flight range, but also the way they are treated by beekeepers. For instance they are only allowed to use natural substances or products from organic cultivation in the beehive. Nectaflor Blossom Honey suits well in breakfast to as a spread for your toastsm waffles, pancakes, and many more. Its also perfectly used for baking or cooking.