MORINGA Oil For Hair Care and Skin Care - 50ml

Moringa Oil For Hair Care And Skin Care - 50ml

MORINGA Oil for Hair Care

*It fights dandruff and split ends

*It is a natural hair cleanser

*As a conditioner

*It helps to gain stronger and long hair by delivering vitamins, minerals and proteins to your hair follicles.

MORINGA Beautifying Oil For Skin Care

*Nourishing for the skin

*Best for Acne

*Dark circles

*Natural anti-aging benefits

*Repairs skin cells,

*Remove Wrinkle

*Improve skin tightness

*It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties

Rs. 750


           MORINGA Oil For (Hair Care + Skin Care)  (50ml)

Moringa oil is rich in vitamin C and contains thousands of natural chemicals.As  an antioxidant, it seems to help protect cells from damage.It  is really famous in the skin and beauty care industry.

We can also use

*In cooking

*As a conditioner

*Body lotion

*Baby oil


MORINGA Oil is Truly Nature's Gift For your Skin..