Morinaga BF 2 Follow-Up Formula 900g
  • Morinaga BF 2 Follow-Up Formula 900g

Morinaga Bf 2 Follow-up Formula 900g

From 6 months

Manufactured By:      Morinaga

Product Weight:         900 Grams

Rs. 2,358


Mother's milk is best food for your baby and helps in preventing Diarrhea and other illness.

BF-2 is a follow-up formula, specially designed for infants from 6 months onward and for young children.

BF-2 is formulated to supply essential nutrients in well-balanced ratio that infants and children need. BF-2 can be used as a nutritional supplement to complement weaning diet and cow's milk and helps prevent deficiency of nutrients during and even after the weaning period.