Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry
  • Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry

Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry

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  • Green Tea & Cranberry

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Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry, 25Count                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Autumn, a kaleidoscope of russets and pistachio greens signals harvet time for the cranberry. Long used in the ceremony of Thanksgiving, we too give thanks to its deep red fruit flavour and its zingy sharpness which when combined with this quality. In Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry we've combined the zingy sharpness of the cranberry with a golden green tea, to give a refreshingly juicy taste. Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry masterfully blending teas to create a special moment with each cup of Cranberry Green tea you brew. Green tea is known for its smooth flavor and refreshing taste.Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that would keep our health vibrant. This tea helps us boost our immune system, fights heart disease, cancer and improves dental health.  The taste is yummy the cranberry makes it sweeter but not too sweet. Twinings Green Tea & Cranberry a great after meal drink, because it promotes good digestion and bowel movement. A great cup of tea for its value and price.