Hot Shape NON Padded Tube Bra - Strapless - Beige

Hot Shape Non Padded Tube Bra - Strapless - Beige

  • Highly Stretchable non irritate material
  • Perfect Choice for Summer
  • Gives hot shape
  • Fits any size
  • Ultra Light Stuff
  • No Hooks No Metal No Straps
Rs. 919


Tube Bra is an amazing quality product available in the market.
One of its kind bra has got no hooks, no straps and nothing like painful
wires. Instead, made with soft air knit it is the most most comfortable
inner wear for women that let your skin to breathe. It is an impressive
women bras to accentuate your figure and makes you look stylish. Tube
bra is light in weight and can be worn throughout the day with utmost
ease. Now you don’t have to wear those lined bulging out full coverage
custom cup bras as Slim n Lift Air bra is an incredible modern invention
available just for you. One of the great benefits of the this product
is that it is now available.