Succeed Perfume 100ml

Succeed Perfume 100ml

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Inspired by success, charisma and desire for conquest. Success and prosperity are in his name and in his notes. Men who aim to be successful do not go unnoticed and need a fragrance to match. The question is, are you prepared to use it? This perfume is pure desire! Spicy Amadeirada is a fragrance developed for men with strong personality. It is striking, sophisticated and elegant. The notes of exits begin with the freshness of mint and mandarin, passing through the body that brings a rare intensity, composed of cinnamon and orange blossom. This perfume is a blend of sensuality and virility affirmed. The composition closes with musk, patchouli and Sandalwood.

The bottle is clean, but flaunts with its harmonious shape and the highlight mark calling for luck and success for your life!