Sinbo Multi-function Chopper
  • Sinbo Multi-function Chopper

Sinbo Multi-function Chopper

Plastic, Steel, ABS

Sinbo Multi-function Chopper (sto- 6510)

Rs. 1,580


The all-in-one kitchen giant!

5 different nozzles for grater, chopping and cutting in one compact device

In the process of cooking most of the time and effort is spent on tedious procedure of preparation of ingredients: slicing, shredding, etc. A mechanical chopper Sinbo STO-6510 simplifies these processes. The kit includes a variety of tips for different types of treatment: for wavy cutting, cutting strips for perforated cutting, slicing and fine grater. When using a special protective flap prevents damage to your fingertips. Due to the small size of the device is convenient to take to the cottage or on a picnic.

Perfectly smooth cutting products for a beautiful table setting

Nozzles are made of strong steel and Japanese do not become dull during use. When cutting by hand is difficult to achieve a perfectly flat pieces, and you can pretty conservatoire table with the help of this model. Chopper Sinbo STO6510 instantly prepares vegetables for salad and slices of perfectly aligned for french fries, chop cabbage, carrots and more. Suffice it to establish a suitable nozzle. Enjoy not only the excellent taste but also a neat appearance culinary products.