Ovaltine Malted Milk 400g
  • Ovaltine Malted Milk 400g

Ovaltine Malted Milk 400g

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Energy Drink

Fortified with vitamins and minerals

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Ovaltine Mated Drink, 400g

Ovaltine European Formula Malted Drink is a high energy, delicious, caffeine free drink at any time of the day. Ovaltine drinks are full of vitamins and minerals making them ideal for all ages. Ovaltine Mated Drink makes nutrition easy by providing 12 essential vitamins and minerals with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Moreover, Ovaltine Mated Drink has less than half the sugar per serving of the leading chocolate syrup brand. So you can worry less about nutrition and focus more on the moments that really matter.Ovaltine Mated Drink is the one for you want to drink chocolate milk but also want the sort of plausible deniability that comes from consuming your sugary liquids with vitamins, this is the stuff for you.