Nestle MilkPak Yogurt - 500g
  • Nestle MilkPak Yogurt - 500g

Nestle Milkpak Yogurt - 500g

Chefs across the country love NESTLE MILKPAK Yogurt for its signature rich , creamy and smooth taste and consistent quality. It is the one secret ingredient that they rely on to turn any ordinary dish into extraordinary! NESTLE MILKPAK Yogurt does not only make your dishes tastier, but also brings out the best texture, color and aroma in even the simplest dishes. All of these qualities make it the essential ingredient for your dishes and provide you with a consistent taste and quality every time!

MILKPAK Yogurt Kabhi na bhoolian!

Rs. 100


Unsweetened, all-purpose yogurt, best for your cooking needs.

Hygienically packed NESTLE MILKPAK Yogurt is low in fat & contains the goodness of calcium.


Keep refrigerated at 4 degrees Celcius. After opening, consume within 4 days.

No added preservatives.

Ingredients: Milk solids , Stabilisers & Yogurt culture