Mezan Sun Flower Oil 5 Ltr
  • Mezan Sun Flower Oil 5 Ltr

Mezan Sun Flower Oil 5 Ltr

            Anti-Aging properties

·         Vitalizes skin

·         Develops strong resistance power to fight against diseases

·         Reduces risk of cancer

·         Enhances immunity system and metabolism

·         Protects cells from damages

·         Lowers cholesterol

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Its nutritious composition makes it one of the healthiest oils for consumption. Sunflower oil has a large number of benefits which help in keeping the body healthy and strong. It's gaining popularity as cooking oil due to its wide variety of health enhancing nutrients. The perfect balance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats makes it perfect for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. It's the only Sunflower oil that has come up with IMMUNITY BOOSTERS and is enriched with TOCOPHEROL which provides numerous benefits to the human body such as:

·        Reduces risk of heart diseases

·         Reduces risk of blood pressure

·         Light in color

·         Hygienically refined

·         100% cholesterol free

·         UHT treated

·         Having omega 3 & 6

·         Having anti-oxidants

·         Having vitamins A,D & E