Menu Chicken Paratha - 480g

Menu Chicken Paratha - 480g


Wheat Flour, Water, Prime Chicken Meat , Potatoes, Margarine, Spring Onion, Ginger, Coriander Leaves, Green Chilli, Coriander Whole, Milk, Sugar, Salt, Ethnic Spices,Baking Powder & Calcium Propionate (E#282)

Cooking Instructions

Fry for best results.
Peel off both plastic layers of MENU chicken paratha. Place frozen MENU chicken paratha on preheated oiled pan (you may add more butter/oil to make paratha crispier). Cook for a minute. Turn it over and cook for another minute. Gently press and rotate till it turns golden brown and crisp. Delicious and wholesum MENU chicken paratha is ready. Serve hot with yogurt or mint raita.

Packing:    4 Pcs

Rs. 267