Fauji Muesli - 250g
  • Fauji Muesli - 250g

Fauji Muesli - 250g

Product Weight:        250 Grams

Nutritional Value:      20g Protein/Pack

Rs. 499


The new Fauji Cereals products have now been produced on the latest state of the art Swiss plant installed in 2012. Fauji brings you the world class breakfast cereals at reasonable prices.

The secret of Fauji Cereals success lies in quality control ensured right from selection of raw materials through production, shipment and consumption on the dining table. We shall continue providing you the best variety of cereals, to keep you slim, smart, healthy & happy.

Fauji has solved your day starter meal (breakfast) problem by producing and marketing RTE cereals, you just to have some milk in a bowl and add Fauji’s Cereals and sugar or honey on it and enjoy your wonderful breakfast in 2 minutes.