Coroli Sunflower Cooking Oil 3Ltr
  • Coroli Sunflower Cooking Oil 3Ltr

Coroli Sunflower Cooking Oil 3ltr

Made:                           Pakistan

Manufactured By:       Coroli

Product Weight:          03 Litre Bottle


Rs. 1,719


Produced from 100% natural sunflowers, and originating from Black Sea countries. Coroli Sunflower oil is a family favorite oil, that has been utilized and consumed by people for decades.

Coroli Sunflower oil is specially designed for you. According to the National Sunflower Association, sunflower oil is heart healthy option for cooking oil, boosts energy, and strengthens the immune system. For the health-conscious individual, sunflower oil can improve your skin health, lower cholesterol, and reduces inflammation.

Coroli sunflower also contains essential fatty acids that are needed for proper functioning of the body. Stay healthier and keep your energy up by using Coroli sunflower oil! Enriched with Vitamin A & D, and free of unhealthy trans fats, Coroli guarantees the quality taste and nutritional benefits of their products.