Audionic  Reborn RB-90
  • Audionic  Reborn RB-90

Audionic Reborn Rb-90

Warranty 1 Year.

Reborn RB-90 are 2.1 channel speakers, they are especially engineered for high quality sound listeners. It’s stylish and colorful bar shape speakers for LED display with outstanding sound quality and features. USB/SD Card slots allow the user to play any MP3 file directly, Its soft touch button in the middle ,allow user to easily control the volume track, User is allow to manipulate the device to turn the system ON & OFF, adjust volume, skip tracks and navigate your playlist. Also within this, User can also experience and enjoy F.M RADIO on high frequency. 

Rs. 12,075


High Powered Bar Speakers

USB supported:


USB support helps user to directly play the MP3 files.

F.M RADIO Supported:


It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful.

SD/MMC SLOT Supported:


It is also supported with SD/MMC card slot to play MP3 music directly.

Drive unit:


Subwoofer: 6.5”, Satellite: 3” x 2

Frequency Response


Frequency response is 20Hz ~ 20 KHz.

Wireless Remote:


It is provided with wire-less remote which controls the output function of the system.

Hi-FI Sub-woofer:


6.5” Sub-woofer provide quality bass sound.






 <0.5 %( 1K, 1K)



Output power:



35W + 15W x 2

 Reborn RB-90
 Reborn RB-90


Big Speaker, Big Bass


Buy them and you will see the difference

The black vertical bar shaped standing speakers is featured with elegant red fusion lights to make your visual experience perfect. 

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  • 35W + 15W x 2


  • Sub Woofer: 6.5" Satellite: 3" x 2


  • 20Hz - 20KHz


  • <0.5%(1K.1W)