Godrej powder - Gentle black
  • Godrej powder - Gentle black

Godrej Powder - Gentle Black

Our powder comes in a pre-measured sachet. That means no more calculations. We have everything in the perfect proportion. All you need to do is just mix, apply and rinse. It really is that simple.

Rs. 104


Step - 1

Take The Skin Hypersensitivity Test

Take the skin hypersensitivity test 48 hours before each and every application of this product by applying little colour on the skin.

Step - 2

Keep Skin Stain Free

Apply petroleum jelly or oil to keep skin free of stains.

Step - 3

Prepare The Colour

Mix entire powder with 25ml (5 teaspoons) of water in a non-metallic bowl using a non-metallic spoon.

Step - 4

How To Apply

Apply the mixture to your hair.