Hospital/Room Decoration - Baby Arrival

Hospital/room Decoration - Baby Arrival

Careeb now brings you an amazing room decoration service, first time in Pakistan.  Our full service package  is a mind-blowing! Firstly, our complete design package includes an in-home consultation and field survey. It includes studio time for planning, sketching, sourcing and development of a design plan. Secondly, we present the design and design your hospital room or baby room according to the parent's taste. Our first priority is to design a perfect baby room and make parents feel homely. Our focus is to make the new arrival's first few days to be the most special days.

The package will include planning, consulting, decor and end-to-end services. 

Rs. 13,800


Designing baby nurseries and baby rooms in Lahore is our passion and we strive hard to design a perfect room for the baby. We also decorate hospital rooms for the baby and mother in Lahore as it is one of the most intimate and emotional time for the family and we are specialists in doing just that. 
Our services include

1) Decoration of baby rooms in Lahore
2) Decoration of hospital rooms in Lahore