Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruits and Vegetables

Bananas Dozen - کیلا

Rs. 95 Rs. 110

Bottle Gourd 1kg - کدو

Rs. 110 Rs. 120

Broccoli 1kg - بروکلی

Rs. 230 Rs. 250

Chiku 500g - چیکو

Rs. 150 Rs. 160

Garlic 250g - لہسن

Rs. 60 Rs. 75

Ginger 250g - ادرک

Rs. 85 Rs. 120

Grapes 500g - انگور

Rs. 150 Rs. 160

Iceberg - 500g

Rs. 125 Rs. 130

Kiwi - 500g

Rs. 195 Rs. 210

Lemon 250g - لیموں

Rs. 20 Rs. 25

Methi 500g - میتھی

Rs. 25 Rs. 30

Musammi 1 Dozen - مسمی

Rs. 155 Rs. 165

Onions 1kg - پیاز

Rs. 48 Rs. 60

Papaya 1kg - پپیتا

Rs. 210 Rs. 260

Peas 500g - مٹر

Rs. 28 Rs. 50

Saag 1kg  - ساگ

Rs. 55 Rs. 65

Spinach 1kg - پالک

Rs. 25 Rs. 30

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