Equal Original Sweetener
  • Equal Original Sweetener

Equal Original Sweetener

  • 2-3 Days

Sweetener, 0 Calorie Add some flavor to your day. With its own unique flavor.

Equal adds a certain sweetness to your beverage.

So whether your drinks need a lot of help or just a little, pick up a packet or two and enjoy your drink the way you like it.

Sweet as 2 tsp sugar. Suitable for individuals with diabetes.

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Equal Original Sweetener come with three different types of Equal, the blue box is the classic, original formula that contains aspartame. The yellow box is the sucralose version and the pink is saccharin. Most of the companies that make artificial sweeteners stick with these colors for their products because it helps to make them instantly recognizable.Equal Original Sweetener is suitable for persons with diabeties, Experience the best natural sweetener at an affordable price, It tastes better than sugar . Equal Original Sweetener is helpful who always monitors their sugar levels it takes the guilt away, Equal Original Sweetener is combo to your morning coffee, iced tea, milk and dark choco. A great deal for your health and your pocket.