De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti
  • De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti

De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti

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  • Ingredients: Water, Durum Wheat Semolin
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De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti, 500g
De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti is a durum wheat semolina pasta originally from Naples. De Cecco Spaghettini can be served with fresh or canned tomato passata, warm or cold sauces with vegetables and aromatic herbs.Spaghettini are a smaller, delicious variation of the classic Spaghetti and this type of pasta comes from the south of Italy, De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti is from Naples in particular Its based on fresh tomatoes, vegetables or aromatic herbs are the best way to enjoy this type of pasta.It is also very good with sauces that are quick to prepare with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of garlic, red pepper and anchovies.De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti are also excellent served with shellfish and seafood sauces. Its trusted and used by many in Italy known for its quality.  De Cecco No.11 Spaghetti are used by many restaurants, hotels and food chains to create delicious meals.