Cow Hissa ( بچھڑا/ گائے حصہ)
  • Cow Hissa ( بچھڑا/ گائے حصہ)

Cow Hissa ( بچھڑا/ گائے حصہ)

Careeb is the only official partner of The Meat Company for home delivery in Lahore. Online qurbani service in Lahore

Book your cow hissa with The Meat Company at no extra charge, stay at home and order through Careeb. Our representative will visit you and deliver your The Meat Company receipt/booking confirmation slip. Using that, you can collect your meat from The Meat Company or Careeb will deliver it to you at your doorstep in cold storage van.

Overseas Pakistanis can book their animal by paying through Credit Card.

Approximate Meat share (After Zibbah):       12-14 Kg

Rs. 18,900


With you permission the shared animal’s  Siri & Payaa shall donate to the deserving persons

With your permission, Meat shall deliver to your doorstep after slaughtering animal’s on the Pakistan’s State-Of-The-Art slaughter house, where advance machines for Slaughtering & Packing are available

Please keep your original receipt of booking with you upon receiving the Qurbani package