Coroli Corn Cooking Oil 3Ltr
  • Coroli Corn Cooking Oil 3Ltr

Coroli Corn Cooking Oil 3ltr

Weight:   3 Liter

Ability to lower blood pressure

Reduce cholesterol levels

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Rs. 1,765


Coroli Corn Oil is an excellent choice for all your deep-frying needs! French fries, chicken, and more. Corn oil is known for its low saturated fat contents and its ability to lower blood pressure. At Coroli, we are always thinking about how to create the most nutritious oils to keep you and your family happy and healthy! (Source: Oil Health Benefits)

Using corn oil is the perfect option for cooking, topping your salad, and for people who need to reduce their cholesterol’s levels. Coroli ensures the quality taste of all their oils, and believes that corn oil is a flavorsome oil that is good for you and everyone in the family!